OAuth Providers
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Obtain access tokens to 500px accounts with Handshake.

How it works

With your instance deployed, simply redirect users to:


Where HANDLER_ID is either 500px or the value passed to the optional id argument of the _500PX() factory. (See Usage below.)

Handshake will take the user through the 500px OAuth flow and redirect them back to the URL specified by the callback_uri query parameter.


Modify your app/options.ts file to include the _500PX() handler like so:

import { _500PX, HandshakeOptions } from "handshake";
const config: HandshakeOptions = {
  handlers: [
      clientId: string,
      clientSecret: string,
// ...

Consult the reference to learn about HandshakeOptions.


Having an issue making 500px work? Open an issue in our Github repo to get help from our team.